3 Mistakes Homebuyers Make When Buying a Home in Northumberland

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Purchasing Your Home

Buying a home in Northumberland, Durham Region, or the surrounding areas is a big decision.

Unfortunately, many homebuyers get caught in common homebuyer traps when purchasing a home. These mistakes can cost you time and money.

To get a full list of all the homebuyer traps you should avoid, complete the form below for access to our special report “9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them.”

Here are a few examples of common homebuyer traps when purchasing a home:

  1. Not using a real estate agent
  2. Buying a home at the listing price
  3. Not getting a Homebuyer Guarantee

Homebuyer Trap #1: Not Using a Real Estate Agent

If you’re searching for a home online, you’re wasting time. The best real estate agents will have a network of real estate professionals. This network allows the real estate agent to pinpoint exactly what you want in a home for the right price. 

Don’t waste time searching for a home or going to open houses cold. At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario, we only refer you to homes that match your criteria exactly. 

Homebuyer Trap #2: Buying a home in Northumberland at the listing price

Many homebuyers wonder “should you offer the asking price on a house?” 

The answer lies in the way the home was priced in the first place. Many homes are priced way above the market value. These homeowners often guessed what the listing price should be based on another house that sold in their neighborhood. 

Or worse, they used an online calculator such as Zillow® to set their asking price. The Zestimates® are wildly inaccurate and often confuse both homebuyers and home sellers. 

Both of these methods fail to take into account several factors such as:

  • Renovations and updates
  • New appliances
  • Fresh paint
  • The date of the listing
  • Special features like a fireplace or crown molding

A real estate agent can help you determine whether the listing price on a house is fair market value.

Homebuyer Trap #3: Not Getting a Homebuyer Guarantee

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. When you are spending that much money, it’s smart to get a Homebuyer Guarantee (or several!) that protects your investment.  

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario, we offer several Homebuyer Guarantees to give you peace of mind. One such Guarantee is that, if you don’t absolutely love your home, we’ll sell it for you for free. Another is our Covid-19 Guarantee: if within two years of moving into your home you have to move because of Covid-19, we’ll sell your house for free.

You won’t get those kinds of Guarantees anywhere else.

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