3 Most Costly Real Estate Mistakes Home Sellers Need to Avoid in the Durham Region

3 Most Costly Real Estate Mistakes Home Sellers Need to Avoid in the Durham Region
Avoid Costly Real Estate Mistakes

When you make the decision to sell a home in the Durham Region, there are going to be plenty of things to consider and take care of before you actually list the home and make a sale. Homebuyers are going to scrutinize your home very carefully, and it is essential that you do what you can to make the home buying process as smooth as possible. In this article, we will examine certain costly real estate mistakes that can deter homebuyers.

There are a few critical mistakes that many home sellers make in their preparations for selling a home as well as throughout the course of the process. These serious errors can actually cost home sellers thousands of dollars! So, how can you avoid making those mistakes when selling a home in Oshawa or the surrounding Durham Region?

The answer is quite simple. Leaders in the real estate industry have used their experience and research to develop a new report that is designed to guide home sellers in the Durham Region, and help them avoid these deadly mistakes.

This report called “The 9 Step System to Get Your Home Sold Fast and For Top Dollar” provides home sellers with an easy-to-follow system that will ensure you do not fall prey to common home selling mistakes so that you can sell a home quickly and with maximized profit.

Avoid These Costly Real Estate Mistakes

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario, our team of experienced real estate agents wants to help you avoid common pitfalls in the home selling process by identifying them for you. These costly mistakes include

  • Only viewing a house as a home seller
  • Scaring potential homebuyers away during the showings
  • Holding back on vital information that a homebuyer needs when making a decision.

If you are considering selling a home in Oshawa, Ontario, it is vital that you work with a skilled real estate agent to help you through the process and make sure that you avoid these costly mistakes.

1. Only Viewing a House as a Home Seller

During an open house or a private showing of a house for sale in the Oshawa area, the home seller will obviously need to straighten things up and do some light cleaning. But there is far more to it than that, especially if you take a look at your house through the eyes of the homebuyer. 

A prospective homebuyer is hoping to envision themselves and their family in the home for the long-term. They may be unable to do so when there are decorations, pictures, and knick-knacks strewn around the house belonging to the current homeowner. That is why you as the home seller need to remove any traces of your own family in the house and give your homebuyers a clean slate to work with. 

Allow them to imagine themselves in the house with all of their furniture, belongings, family photos, and other elements that define who they are. So, preparing your home for a viewing takes much more than just cleaning and organizing. You need to view your home from the homebuyer’s perspective.

As you are working to prepare your home for a showing, be sure to check the following items off of your to-do list:

  • Picking up the clutter
  • Removing personal family photos from the walls and shelves
  • Eliminating personalized decor and knick-knacks 
  • Making sure the homebuyer does not smell your pets, children, or cooking
  • Keeping in mind that less is more with decorations

When a prospective homebuyer visits your home, they should be permitted to judge the house for its own merit rather than the items that you have used for decoration. Personalization from the home seller prevents the homebuyer from seeing their own personal belongings in the house, so they may not be able to move past the decor.

This is especially true if a homebuyer is offended by your decor in some way. Obviously, you are not trying to offend, but homebuyers can be finicky. It is best to allow your home to speak for itself rather than having your personal photos and knick-knacks influence a homebuyer’s view.

Essentially, keep the view of the homebuyer in mind at all times. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what they would prefer to see when walking into your home. Pictures of family members who they do not know makes them feel like a stranger in the house rather than the next owner.

Finally, do everything you can to minimize the look of wear and tear on your home caused by children, pets, grandchildren, and more. Homebuyers want to see a pristine home that they can move right into and start to personalize on their own.

2. Scaring Potential Homebuyers Away During the Showings

The purchase of a large item such as a house (or even a car) is an investment that will need a good deal of consideration. Remember the last time you went to a car dealership and became instantly surrounded by pushy salespeople before you even got out of your car? That is not the ideal way to sell a car, and it is certainly not a great way to find a car to purchase. The same is true for selling a home in the Oshawa area.

When an open house or showing is happening, one of the most awkward and uncomfortable aspects of that event for homebuyers is to have the home seller present. Homebuyers in Oshawa, Ontario, may feel uneasy with the home seller wandering around while the homebuyer is scrutinizing every nook and cranny of the house.  

Homebuyers are planning to make a huge investment in a new home, and they want to make sure they are able to inspect their potential new house for defects and issues without the home seller breathing down their necks or attempting to sway their decision. 

Homebuyers should also feel comfortable to ask questions and make comments about the house without offending the home seller. If you are present during a showing, homebuyers are much less likely to have the ability to ask those important questions or share their feelings openly about the home. This may even drive them away from your house.

If a homebuyer feels pressure from the home seller or cannot ask essential questions about the house, they may end up thinking that there is a major problem with the house. Whether or not something is actually wrong, that is the impression they will get, and this may lead them to the next house on their list.

As the home seller, you should take yourself and your family (including pets) out of the house during a showing. Allow professional real estate agents such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario to work our magic and sell a house quickly. 

With only our real estate agent in the room, homebuyers can ask their questions, make comments without worrying about offending the home seller, and potentially make an offer. We are trained to sell a house, and that is exactly what you should allow us to do during a showing.

3. Holding Back Vital Information that a Homebuyer Needs When Making a Decision

Although there is a common saying that “less is more,” that idea certainly does not apply during the home selling process. Homebuyers are looking for as much information as possible when it comes to actually buying a home for sale in the Durham Region. 

That is why you as the home seller need to make sure you provide all the necessary information they need. Even if you think it may be irrelevant, divulge it anyway. You never know what might be the influencing factor for a homebuyer.

Working with an experienced and skilled real estate expert during the home selling process will ensure you have a complete listing package available to homebuyers during the showing. The homebuyers can even take the packet home to continue deliberating on the house.

Trust Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty-Ontario to Help You Sell a Home Quickly and Avoid Costly Real Estate Mistakes

If you have made the decision to sell a home in Oshawa, Ontario, and are looking for an award-winning real estate team [link to team page] to provide professional advice and assistance, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario is here for you!

When you are working with our exceptional real estate team, you can rest assured that you will avoid these common mistakes and get the best possible service. We are dedicated to helping home sellers like you list and sell a home as quickly as possible and for top dollar.

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