4 Tips for Parents for Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids

Moving to a new home can be stressful. Once you add children into the mix, the stress of moving can be overwhelming. You’ve probably wondered “how do you help children cope with moving?” The last thing you want is for your move to the Oshawa area to be upsetting to your child. Moving with kids can be challenging but you want them to be as excited as you are!

We’ve created a special report titled “Parents: Preparing Young Children for the Move”. This report is available to you free when you request access using the form below. 

From our special report, we’ve compiled a list of 4 tips for moving with kids:

  1. Get your child involved in the homebuying process
  2. Let your child help decorate
  3. Make a game out of packing
  4. Wait to pack your child’s favorite things until last

Top 4 Tips for Moving with Kids:

Tip #1: Get Your Child Involved in the Homebuying Process

If you’re a parent, you know that kids love being involved in “grownup stuff”. Get your child involved in the homebuying process. Let them pick out which bedroom will be theirs. Point out special features of interest to the child, like a big backyard for playing or close proximity to a park. 

Tip #2: Let Your Child Help Decorate

Kids love being creative. Get your child’s input on what color to paint their room or what theme they want. A special poster or themed bedspread can help get your child excited about the move and their new space. Get their input on where to place their furniture. You can also get their opinion on other areas of the house, like a playroom or rec room. 

Tip #3: Make a Game out of Packing When Moving with Kids

Packing isn’t fun for anyone and it can be especially dull for children.

Make a game out of packing to get your child involved. Play pretend with a box or get their help labeling items for the move. See if they can help you find shapes: for instance, the roll of packing tape is a circle while the boxes are squares. Challenge them to count the boxes. Or, time them to see how fast they can pack a box of their own unbreakable belongings like stuffed animals. 

Tip #4: Wait to Pack Your Child’s Favorite Things Until Last

Chances are your child has a special object that they love. Maybe it’s a special toy, stuffed animal, or blanket. Whatever the object, wait to pack it until last. Or, let the child keep the object with them on the day of the move. This object will give the child comfort, especially if they are sad about leaving their old house behind. You can even let your child give the special object a tour of the new house. 

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