How to Buy a Home with Zero Down in Durham Region

Don’t Waste Money on a Down Payment

So you want to buy a home with zero down in Durham region? Our valuable resource “How to Buy a Home With Little Or No Money Down” details how you can do just that.

The last thing you want to do is pay a huge sum of money for a down payment and get a high interest rate. If you can avoid a down payment altogether, that will save you money on the front end. Especially in the current housing market, mortgage rates are going up.

Find out ways to pay as little as possible when you buy a house. You can set yourself up to still afford a home, even in this economy.

Zero Money Down First Time Homebuyers Program

Did you know that there are government programs designed to help first time homebuyers purchase their first home with no money down? You can even qualify as a first-time home buyer if your spouse owned a home before, as long as your name wasn’t on the deed.

Find out what you need to know to buy a home with nothing down by using a realtor in Durham region who is an expert in the area.

Buy a Home With Zero Down in Durham Region With a VA Home Loan

Backed by VA home loan programs are a great way to buy a home in Durham region with no down payment.

Restrictions on qualifying apply, however. To qualify, you must have served any one of the following:

  • 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime
  • 181 consecutive days of active service during peacetime
  • For more than 6 years in the National Guard or Reserves or at least 90 days under Title 32 orders, with at least 30 of those days being consecutive service

Another way to qualify for a VA loan is if you are:

  • Discharged from the service connected to a disability
  • The spouse of a service member who died in the line of duty
  • Have a disability or a service-related injury

The VA loan qualification process will also take into consideration your credit score. It’s worth checking out if this options for buying with zero down in Durham Region will work for you.

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