How to Sell a Home without a Realtor in the Durham Region

When you sell a home in the Durham Region, you will soon find out that the realtor with whom you work will take a large commission following the sale and closing of a home. Out of the asking price for the home for sale, the home seller will end up with a significantly smaller amount of money than expected once the commission has been taken by the realtor. 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario, our team of realtors understands the shock that a home sellers can have when they realize that they will not be receiving as much for their homes as they were expecting. That is why we are offering access to a special new report called “Sell Your Own Home” which provides home sellers with a guide for selling a home in Northumberland on their own, without the help of a realtor.

For Sale by Owner – How to Sell a Home on Your Own in Northumberland

Putting the “For Sale by Owner” sign in your yard is a major step when it comes to selling a home on your own. One of the toughest parts of selling a home on your own is the fact that many of the calls that you will be receiving are not actually from prospective home buyers. Rather, you will be getting far too many calls from other realtors hoping that you will give up on your quest to sell a home on your own and give them the commission.

After a while, these calls from other realtors will become exhausting, especially when you consider all of the other factors you will have to consider during the process. If your home does not sell after having been on the real estate market for several months, you may become frustrated by the lack of qualified home buyers. Some home sellers may even give up on selling a home on their own due to the pressure and frustration.

10 Insider Secrets to Sell a Home and Save the Commission

Before you give up on selling a home without the assistance of an experienced realtor in the Durham Region, check out the new special report called “Sell Your Own Home” which our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario is offering to you FREE of charge. 

One of the benefits of working with a realtor is the fact that they have all of the industry information and experience needed to sell a home quickly and for the highest possible price. They have been trained and educated on everything required to sell a home, and this gives the home seller an advantage. It also takes a significant chunk of the selling price as their commission.

With this special report, you will learn 10 insider secrets that other realtors do not want you to know so that you can be successful in selling a home. Once you are able to fully understand the process and utilize these secrets, you will feel more confident about selling a home in a short amount of time and making a profit on the sale.

FREE and Instant Access Can Be Yours

If you are considering selling a home in Northumberland on your own, be sure to fill out the form below with the requested information and learn all the insider information you need to know to be successful. This special report is available to you FREE of charge and with absolutely no obligation to sell a home in the Durham Region.

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