Insured vs Uninsured Mortgages – Matt Cooper’s Mortgage Talk (Ontario)

Insured vs Uninsured Mortgages – Matt Cooper’s Mortgage Talk (Ontario)
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Insured vs Uninsured Mortgages – Matt Cooper’s Mortgage Talk (Ontario)

How to Secure Super-Low Down payment Home Loans When You Buy a Durham Region or Northumberland Home

Durham Region & Northumberland – A new report has just been released which identifies a foolproof 3-point plan which any homebuyer can use to secure the best financing rates when they buy a home.

When you’re looking to buy a home, the first thing most homebuyers do is start the process of house hunting. However, experience proves that this is one of the last steps you should be taking if you want to get the most home for the least amount of money. In fact, shopping for the best financing should start long before you start shopping for a home.

The experience of thousands of area homebuyers has been summarized in a new report entitled “Best Financing: A 3-Point Plan”. This report outlines 3 critical steps you must take to obtain the absolute best financing rates when you buy a home. It tells you where you should go, what questions you should ask, and how to manage the process to your personal advantage.

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Insured vs Uninsured Mortgages – Matt Cooper’s Mortgage Talk (Ontario)

Here’s a few tips to get you started…

Critical Questions to Ask

When you’re looking for an realtor to assist you in finding a home, make sure you find out the answers to these important questions:

1. Can you get me quick, easy and FREE mortgage pre-approval?

2. Can I get preferred access to special low down payments, monthly payments and interest rates?

3. Can I get special advance notice of listings that computer-match my homebuying criteria?

You owe it to yourself to benefit from these cost saving benefits.

1. Get Pre-approved for a Mortgage . . . Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will give you a number of important benefits including emotional security in the house-hunting process, and insurance against rising interest rates in the market place. Pre-approval is easy, and can give you complete peace-of mind when shopping for your home. Mortgage brokers can obtain written pre-approval for you at no cost and no obligation. More than just a verbal approval from your lending institution, a written pre-approval is as good as money in the bank. It entails a completed credit application, and a certificate which guarantees you a mortgage to the specified level when you find the home you’re looking for. Pre-approval means no last minute shopping around for money and rates. With a pre-approved mortgage, if rates go up, you still get the pre-approved rate, but if rates go down, you receive the lower rate.

2. Receive Preferred Access to Special Low Financing . . . Realtors that conduct multiple real estate transactions every year may be able to offer you certain negotiating advantages with lending institutions. These lenders are often anxious to do business with such agents and their clients, and may be willing to extend better than average rates. This can make purchasing a home much easier and more affordable for many buyers to qualify for a minimum down payment, and low monthly payments. Therefore many more buyers can own the home of their dreams much sooner than they ever thought possible.

3. Home Hunting Service… We offer a unique house-hunting service to make it easier for you to find the home you want. Through these programs you can find out in advance which homes on the market match your homebuying criteria. To do this you simply provide your agent with a brief description of the type of home you’re looking for, for example, number of bedrooms, price range, neighborhood and so on. Then you should receive advance notice (including pictures) of all the homes for sale that match your requirements. This will give you the competitive edge to find out before other buyers which homes that are likely to be of interest to you. Because you are there before most other buyers, perhaps you can even negotiate a better price. You can then drive by these homes, without the assistance of an agent, to see which ones you want to view. Then it’s simply a matter of you advising your agent about which homes you like and want to see.

Insured vs Uninsured Mortgages – Matt Cooper’s Mortgage Talk (Ontario)

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How to Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes Before and After a Divorce
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Shopping for a Home
But Have One to Sell? You Are Finding Yourself In That Same Old Dilemma That Most Homeowners Find Themselves in. We call it the “Real Estate Catch 22” Deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way is risky because you could wind up owning two homes – or none at all! We Can Help You Through This With Our Exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program. NO Gimmicks! For More Information, Order a FREE Report at Or, For a FREE Recorded Message Explaining Our Program (Talk to NO Realtor) Call 24 Hours – 1-833-606-9487 ID#4800. To Discuss The Details of This Incredible Option with a Real Person, Call Matt Cooper, President, Broker of RecordDirectly at 905-440-0505.


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