It’s Not Too Late To Avoid Big Mistakes When You Buy A Home.

Don't make these mistakes when you buy a home.  Let Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Ontario and Matt Cooper help you.
 Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Buy A Home

3 Common Ways Homebuyers Get Themselves In A Jam When They Buy A Home

  1. You Didn’t Get Pre-Approved
  2. You Didn’t Do The Math On Monthly Payments
  3. You Didn’t Know Your Mortgage Options

A Surefire Way To Ruin Your Home Buying Experience When You Buy A Home Is To Make One Or More Of These Mistakes.

 In Fact, Those Aren’t The Only Things Home Buyers Often Forget To Do. There Are 3 More That You Can Learn About For Free In A Guide That Walks You Through All Of Them. It’s Called, “6 Things You Must Know Before You Buy.”

After Working With Thousands Of Homebuyers, Both First-Time And Otherwise, I’ve Seen These Roadblocks Stop People All Too Often

That’s Why I’ve Compiled The Guide For You. So You Can Learn From Other People’s Mistakes!. 

Here’s A Sneak Preview Of The Report, But You Can Get The Whole Thing For Free In A Few Clicks.

1. Don’t Lose Your Dream Home Because You Didn’t Get Pre-Approved

Looking At Homes That You Might Want To Buy Is Fun. It Opens Your Imagination To Everything Your Life Might Be If You Buy This Or That House. But If It Goes On Too Long, It Can Get Tiring.

Imagine You Find Your Ideal Home. You Make An Offer And The Seller Accepts… But Then The Deal Falls Through Because You Run Into Problems Getting Financing. That Could Start Your Whole Search Over Again And You’ll Miss Out On A Home You May Have Really Loved.

That’s Why It’s Important To Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage Before You Make An Offer Or Start Shopping. Plus, It Will Help With The Next Step.

2. Take Time To Do The Math On Your Max Total Monthly Payment For A New House

 Once You’ve Gotten Pre-Approval From A Lender, You’ll Know Exactly How Much Home You’re Able To Afford. You Can More Accurately Calculate What Your Monthly Costs Will Be.

To Get Some Ballpark Figures On What You Might Expect In A Mortgage Payment, Use This Handy Free Mortgage Calculator.

 It’s Important To Get As Much Information As Possible And Do Careful Math On What You Can Afford Each Month. The Last Thing You Want Is To Lose Your New Home Because You Didn’t Realize How Expensive It Would Be.

3. Talk To An Expert Who Can Help You Understand What Mortgage Options You Have

 The Type Of Mortgage You Have Can Drastically Change Your Monthly Payment. It Can Also Change How Much Interest You Pay Over The Years By Staggering Numbers.

Take Some Time To Think About Your Long Term Goals, What Kind Of Interest Rates You Can Get, Where Interest Rates May Go In The Future, And What Types Of Mortgages You Have To Choose From.

 Understanding What’s Possible Can Save (Or Cost) You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars. 

Don’t Buy A Home Without Taking These Precautions…

My Team At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Of Ontario Inc. Can Also Offer You An Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan.

This Ensures That When You Find That Incredible New Home, You’re Not Taking Unnecessary Risks. If You’re Not Satisfied When You Buy A Home With Us, We’ll Buy It Back. Get All The Details Here.

In The Meantime, Download Your Free Guide With The Rest Of The Important Homebuyer Mistakes That Everyone Else Makes. They’re So Avoidable, Most People Just Don’t Think About It Soon Enough!

Luckily, You Can Get The Information For Free Right Now By Calling Us At 905-440-0505 Or By Filling Out This Form, Or Contact Us Here.


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