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Realtors recognized by Platinum are among the best Realtors at solving the problems many home owners face in today’s market. Due to their depth of experience and involvement in leading edge training, they possess the skills to get homes sold for top dollar with little inconvenience to the seller. When I get ready to sell my present home, only a Platinum Member will do. – Craig Proctor, Craig Proctor Real Estate Coaching

Craig Proctor, Craig Proctor Real Estate Coaching

Every year I receive mountains of testimonials from home owners who chose an accredited platinum real estate professional to sell their home. The emails and letters are all the same. They had rough experiences with other Realtors they chose like extended times on the market, low ball offers, broken promises and communication break downs. But, when they hired the Platinum Agent, their problems melted away, they received even more than anticipated for their home and benefited from a smooth on time closing. If I were selling my own home today, I would ensure an Accredited Platinum Real Estate Professionals sign was in my yard.

Todd Walters, Co-founder Distress Sale University, RBID, Inc.

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