Real Estate Office Help Wanted Now!

Real Estate Office Help Wanted Now!

Busy Durham Region Real Estate Team Needs Very Organized, Detail-Oriented Assistant 40 hours weekly

(Real Estate Administration Experience Required, License Preferred)

Most people get into the real estate business with wonderful intentions. They love real estate, they love helping people – and – they get to be their own boss! What could possibly go wrong??

Before the ink is even dry on their licence..the new Realtor is busy assisting their sphere of influence, people who know and love them, buy and sell real estate. Life is good. What could be better? And then – the other shoe drops.That particular well runs dry, as it were, and it soon becomes apparent to our fresh faced professional, that in order to survive in the real estate business, the Rookie Realtor is going to have to do business with peope outside their sphere of infuence, people they don’t know. So naturaly, they look around to see what other Realtors are doing to attract new customers – and they do that. Makes sence right? Wrong. In Real Estate Sales, average is a failing formula. That’s why roughly 80% of New Realtors wash-out of the business every 5 years. (A phenomenon I have peronally witnessed, year after year, for going on two decades.) About the same time they realize that most Realtors are running a one-person show. Meaning, in the course of an average day, they wear a variety of hats – from telephone receptionist to salesman to courier to media rep to name a few. Because they jump from task to task, they wind up being quite inefficient at any one of these tasks. They work awfully hard, but have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Their business suffers as a result of this Jack-of-all-trades / Master-of-none mentality. They either spend too much time trying to find customers and neglect the clients they get, or not enough time prospecting and, as a result, starving because they do not have enough business coming in the door. Running a successful real estate business in this way, soon proves impossible. It becomes blatenty obvious to our friend that trying to do everything themselves is a sure fire recipe for failure.

So, I don’t conduct my business in this way. Instead, I have modelled my business after other successful businesses outside of real estate such as lawyers, accountants, doctors etc. Instead of operating as a one-man show as most Realtors do, I am building a whole team of professionals who are specially trained to zero in on different aspects of the home selling process.

If you’re sick & tired of the aforementioned “Rat-Race” but you still want a career in Real Estate, I have a very viable option for you to consider-

Right now, I’m looking for a highly organized, take-charge individual who can run my office so that my time can be devoted to working on what I do best — marketing and selling. You must be able to understand and embrace the systems approach I’ve overlaid on my operations and be able to extend this philosophy and manner of operation to all facets of the office.

The ideal candidate for this position will be proficient in Residential Real Estate Administration, the use of word, publisher, and power point programs… have a solid command of CRM programs…the ability to search the MLS for homes matching buyers’ criteria, read and write purchase and sale agreements, prepare CMA’s for Seller prospects, comfortable in a small business environment where priorities can change quickly … a super-organized get-it-done type person who is also very good on the phone talking with people! We are very much a service-oriented business. Our clients always come first. To work on our team, you must have a genuine desire to help people.

Think you might be the person we are looking for? If so, we should connect. The pay is negotiable and our dress code is business casual.

Interested Applicants Can Apply Right Now Via SparkHire!

**PEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD THIS PAGE TO ANYONE YOU THINK MIGHT BE INTERESTED! ** (Real Estate Administration Experience Required, License Preffered)

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