Steps to Downsizing a Home in the Durham Region

Durham Region Empty Nester: How to Sell the Place You Call Home

An empty nest and needing to sell a home in the Durham Region area is bittersweet. Starting a new chapter also means an old chapter is closing. But the reality is at different times of your life, you have different housing needs.

Now that the kids have all moved out, maybe you have too much unused space. Perhaps your current home requires more upkeep than you can handle. Maybe property taxes are too high. Or, you simply want to move somewhere else for your retirement.

Whatever reason you have for selling your home as an empty nester, there are many others like you who have faced the same stressful life change. But too many people end up making mistakes selling their home, costing money they can’t afford to lose.

Knowing what to expect when downsizing a home

Over the years, you’ve built equity in your home – don’t squander it because you don’t know what others have done that works. Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent in the Durham Region can help you gain the knowledge you need.

There are common mistakes empty nesters make when downsizing a home. As experts in the local market, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario Inc. has seen it all. Heading into retirement, you want your life to be easier, no harder. Let us help.

By following a clear, proven system for selling a home, you can avoid unnecessary costs and headaches that make an already big life change even more stressful.

9 steps to selling a home in the Durham Region

To help you, we’ve created a special guide called, “Empty Nester: How to Sell the Place You Call Home.” In this free guide, you’ll learn 9 proven steps to getting your empty nest sold for the best price.

From knowing why you’re selling and strategizing negotiations to marketing tactics, this is information you need to avoid costly mistakes. The guide covers things like:

  • Where to get market information
  • Setting the right price
  • Maximizing your home’s potential
  • Making it easy for serious buyers

There are more points covered in the guide and many empty nesters wish they’d known these things before they sold their home.

There’s no obligation when you fill out the form. This free, educational information is just to help ease the overwhelm of something as complicated as selling a home. Call us at (905) 440-0505 or contact us here.

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