We Have the Homebuyers Network For Your Home Listing in the Oshawa Area

Homebuyers network with buyers waiting to buy your home!
Homebuyers Network

Homebuyers Waiting to Buy Your Home

When you are selling your Oshawa home, just like with any other commodity, your home sale is subject to supply and demand.

With our City Wide Buyers Agent Network, or homebuyers network, we create the highest possible demand for your property. This means that you will get the highest possible price for your home. 

Homebuyer realtors know that Matt Cooper is one of the top-producing real estate agents in the Durham region. They know that Matt and his Team are professional, efficient, and effective – that’s why they love working with us! Even our competitors know that a home sale with Matt Cooper is going to go smoothly, without mistakes, and without hassle.

In fact, from the moment we list your home, over 200 agents are directly made aware of your listing. At any given moment, these agents represent thousands of homebuyers.

Consider this example: you own a small business. To sell the most goods, would you just rely on word of mouth? Or would you come up with a marketing strategy so that as many people as possible knew about your product?

Of course, you would choose to have as many people as possible know about your product. This is supply and demand at its core and the same strategy that Matt Cooper applies! 

We Make Sure Your Home is Market Ready

When you list a home for sale with Matt Cooper and his Team, you can be confident that your home is “market ready”. This means that every aspect of your home sale has been analyzed, reviewed, and approved. Every “i” has been dotted, and every “t” has been crossed. No mistakes are made – you’ll never have to worry about the need for a “do-over”.

Our experienced real estate professionals have sold hundreds of homes just like yours. Our experience and proven track record of success set us apart from other real estate agents in the Oshawa area. 

We Never Waste Your Time with Unqualified Buyers

Our database of homebuyers are all pre-qualified. That means you can be confident when a homebuyer is interested in your property that they have already been cleared as financially qualified.

We’ll also never waste your time with unqualified homebuyers when it comes to your open house. Only qualified homebuyers will be able to view your home, so your time isn’t wasted!

Take Advantage of our Seller Guarantees and Our Homebuyers Network

With Your Home Sold Realty of Ontario, you can be confident that your home will sell. What’s more, we Guarantee that your home will sell within your timeframe – or we pay you cash! And, at any time before you receive an offer on your home, you can cancel your Listing Agreement with no penalties or further obligation. That’s risk-free selling at its best!

Nothing could be simpler or more effective than listing your home with Matt Cooper and his Team. In fact, we guarantee it!

To find out more about what is my home worth and how fast will my home sell, call us at (905) 440-0505, contact us here, or fill out the form below.

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Matt Cooper, CEO | BROKER OF RECORD, Kendell Attrux, CFO | REALTOR
Matt Cooper is the Owner | CEO | BROKER OF RECORD with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario and has 35 years of sales & marketing experience. Matt and his wife, Kendell, opened their very own brokerage in 2020 during the pandemic. They are serving more families with every passing year! 20+ years and counting! Being anointed "Official Realtors to The Humane Society of Durham Region" has been an honor for them. Matt, Kendell & team know - When you put others first, you will never be second! You can find Matt's full bio here.
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