When Buying a Bigger Home in Oshawa, Don’t Do This…

When You Upsize and Buy a Bigger Home in Oshawa, Don't Do This...
Buying a Bigger Home in the Oshawa Area

These are 6 common mistakes many homeowners make when they buy a bigger home in Oshawa

The prospect of buying a bigger home in Oshawa or surrounding areas of the Durham Region is exciting. House hunting is fun and imagining possibilities for the future is inspiring. 

But what about the logistics of buying a new home and selling your old one?

There are many moving parts involved in selling a home you already own and buying a new one. In a free special report, I’ll go over the, “6 Mistakes To Avoid When Trading Up To A Larger Home.”

Let’s cut to the chase of what could happen.

Avoid these nightmare scenarios at all costs:

  • Getting stuck with two homes when your old one won’t sell
  • Selling first but not finding a new home you want  in time

In either of these situations you’re losing time, money, and probably sleep!

Get our guide and find out how to make sure that doesn’t happen to you and your family.

Timing is everything…unless you’re working with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty of Ontario Inc.

The dilemma of whether to buy or sell first for homeowners trying to move can be a delicate balancing act. 

If your old house doesn’t sell, you’ll be paying double in maintenance and property taxes. If you sell and can’t find your next home, you’ll be stuck in a hotel or short-term rental until you buy your new place – that can get expensive. Not to mention moving all your stuff!

What if you could just avoid trying to time your buy and sell completely?

My team of experienced real estate agents in Oshawa can eliminate the anxiety. When you work with pros who know how to do it, the timing doesn’t matter.

Let me tell you how I can guarantee this…

It’s simple: if your home doesn’t sell… I’ll buy it from you!

Forget about trying to juggle a current home sale and buying a bigger home in Oshawa. That’s a problem of the past because you can protect what’s probably your largest asset.

My special Guaranteed Sales Program has already helped thousands of people like you trying to transition into a new home.

It doesn’t matter what the housing market in the Oshawa area is doing. If your house doesn’t sell, I’ll buy it from you! That’s a guarantee.

Find out exactly how this program works by ordering your free report or calling us at (905) 440-0505.

Lose the stress and let experts in the real estate industry do the heavy lifting so you can focus on house hunting for your next dream home!


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